BREVILLE The Perfect Press™

BREVILLE The Perfect Press™


the Breville Smart Grill

Outdoor grilling has found a new home on your countertop. Better heat control and recovery with embedded elements, removable plates. Open the grill all the way for BBQ mode. The art of indoor grilling re-envisioned with intelligence, fast response and easy cleaning.

  • Plate Design: Removable non-stick plates
  • Adjustable Height Control: Lower settings reduce the weight on more delicate foods and also prevent toppings from being pressed out of sandwiches.
  • Adjustable Plate Tilt: Adjusts the angle of the base to drain fats or can be used to make perfectly flat eggs, pancakes and toasted sandwiches
  • Non Stick Plates: Premium quality PFOA free non stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Settings: Low – Sandwich – Sear


The Ultimate 2400 Watt high sear grill with removable plates and open BBQ mode. Includes an integrated probe that senses the precise temperature of your meat and indicates when it is time to take off to rest, depending on your doneness preference.



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