Greenchef Biryani Pot 5.3ltrs with GL 240mm Evok

Greenchef Biryani Pot 5.3ltrs with GL 240mm Evok


  • Hassle free cooking
  • Strong and Durable Glass Lid
  • 3layers of non-stick coating
  • Food-Grade Non-Stick
  • Stain-free surface
  • Metal spoon friendly


The non-stick biryani pot from Greenchef is an absolute product for your kitchen to cook varieties of biryanis in a proper and perfect way. This Greenchef biryani pot is manufactured using virgin aluminium with 3layers  PFOA free strong coating which is non-stick proofing and metal spoon friendly with longer durability. This biryani pot has a strong stainless steel forged handle on both sides. It has a strong and durable glass lid. Ideal biryani pot for your perfect biryani at an affordable price.


Model  Evok Biryani Pot
Package Weight2.2kg
Warranty1 year
MaterialNon-stick, Aluminum
Variants4.2L, 5.3L,6.4L
Special Features3-layer coating, PFOA free, Comes with a glass lid


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