Premier Classic Aluminum Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker

Premier Classic Aluminum Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker

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  • A Fast Healthy Easy, Safe way to cook
  • Unique Gasket release system for safety
  • Strong Heat resistant Bakelite handle
  • Designed for quick even heating
  • Suitable For Induction cooktop & LPG stove
  • ISI Certified Product
  • Includes Warranty card and book


Premier Pressure Cookers whistle in millions of kitchens in the world because they offer the healthiest mode of cooking by conserving vital nutrients, vitamins and energy. safe, reliable and long lasting as well. Premier’s Multiple Safety System, that is built into every cooker. Also, the way it is designed, helps to conserve fuel and time through quick and even heating.

  • WEIGHT VALVE (PRESSURE REGULATOR) The weight valve maintains and controls the steam pressure inside the Pressure Cooker at a constant level while cooking. It continuously releases out the excess steam from the Pressure Cooker.
  • GASKET RELEASE SYSTEM This unique feature provides adequate safety in the event of build up of excess pressure or malfunctioning of the Weight Valve. A cut out has been provided on the rim of the lid allowing the gasket to protrude out and release steam on excessive pressure build up. The rubber gasket is specially formulated to ensure long life. It does not impart any color, taste or odor to the food cooked in your pressure cooker.
  • SAFETY VALVE In case of any excess pressure (in-spite of the Weight Valve release facility and Gasket Release System) the Safety Valve provides an escape outlet. The Safety Valve contains a special fusible alloy pellet that melts when the temperature in relation to the pressure rises beyond safe levels.

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1.5 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 3 Ltr, 5.5, 7.5 Ltr


Weight2 kg
Size1.5 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 3 Ltr, 5.5 Ltr, 7.5 Ltr
ShapeStraight Wall
Lid TypeOuter Lid
BaseGas and Induction Compatible
Warranty5 Year


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