SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker Motorized

SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker Motorized

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The ultimate Pro cracker for cracking roasted cocoa beans into nibs.

Product Code : Spectra Pro Cocoa Cracker

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Weight : 12kg

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SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker – Cocoa Grinder Machine

Spectra Pro Cocoa Cracker is an awesome tool to crack roasted cocoa beans as well as raw ones. The ideal Cocoa Grinder Machine for cocoa processing and nut butter processing and other multipurpose grinding needs.

It is important to get this step right to effectively and efficiently winnow the husk, and get nibs of correct size to add to the Spectra melanger.

It is a simple cocoa cracker machine to maintain, and the rollers are all made of high quality stainless steel, and so also the hopper. It is bearing mounted to give you years of smooth service unlike some in the market which use bushes. The machine can be easily disassembled and reassembled. It is motorized as well.

You can use it either on the enclosed stand, or choose to mount on your own table.

SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker – Cocoa Grinder Machine


SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker – Cocoa Grinder Machine

Stainless steel rollers and hopper
Weight: 12 kgs
Bearing mounted for long life
Includes a free stand for mounting
Comes included with Stainless steel hopper.
Rubber leg bushes to prevent slippage of stand
Ergonomic handle for easy use in addition to motor operating at 220-240 volts single phase.

Includes a manual handle as well for manual operation.

SPECTRA Pro Cocoa Cracker – Cocoa Grinder Machine



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